Delivering Five Star Customer Service

When it comes to pleasing customers and achieving success as a company, business, or service, having great customer service is imperative. Customers want to feel heard, they want to get their questions answered, and the more that they feel connected to a company, the more likely they are to purchase their products and use their services. 

Here are a few tried and true ways any company can achieve customer service success:

  1. Clearly List a Working Telephone Number and Email Address on Your Business Website: The reality is that when customers have a question or concern relating to a specific product or service, they should have an easy way to get in touch with a representative of the company. Make sure all your business contact information is listed clearly on your website, and it goes without saying, make sure you have a website that is easy to navigate.

  2. Ensure That Every Customer Service Operator That Answers Emails and/or Phone Calls is Gracious and Polite: It is common knowledge that customers want to speak to a gracious and polite company representative when they call or email. Ensure that anyone answering phones or emails for your company is helpful and kind when it comes to customer concerns. Conduct a regular training session with your employees to ensure they are always conducting themselves professionally.

  3. Make it a Point to Deliver Products On Time, and Produce Quality Merchandise and Services For Your Customers: No matter what you sell or offer, everything that you deliver to your customers should be nothing short of perfection. Don’t skimp on packaging or service excellence. This high level of service will be remembered by your customers time and time again, and this is the way that a company gets repeat and loyal customers.

  4. Make Sure Your Business Mailing Address and Hours are Clearly Listed on Your Website: In addition to your phone number and email address, make sure that you have a current mailing address and business hours clearly listed on your website. Customers need to know when they can contact your company with questions and concerns, and they also need to know where to send written correspondence if needed.

  5. Make Use of Social Media By Way of Including Regular Business Updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Social media has taken the business world by storm and it is for this reason that any working company, service, or business should use all forms of social media to their advantage. Regularly interact with your customers by way of social media and post updates on your social media pages so that customers can stay engaged with your brand.